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FCS-10/20 疫苗标志打标
  • 型号FCS-10/20
  • 品牌TOLlaser
  • 价格面议


Product Description:

     Fly-shaped portable compact fiber laser marking machine structure, the system is highly integrated, less failure, shock and vibration, anti-dust, laser life up to 100,000 hours. Without water cooling device, smaller, easy installation; no supplies, low power consumption, more energy efficient; excellent beam quality, marking a clear and beautiful, in depth, smoothness, finesse higher areas has irreplaceable advantages.


Product Features:

   ● speed, with high-speed galvanometer;

   ● Small size, weight only 20KG;

   ● No consumables, low power consumption, power consumption is less than 500W

   ● Fully air-cooled, water-cooled machine does not need to reduce energy consumption;

   ● from harsh environments and temperature change, the state power can be used in batteries, car cigarette lighter to work;

   ● Product depreciation costs can be greatly reduced, fully meet customers high-volume, stable production


Application areas:

      Used in electronic components, hardware, tools, accessories, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision instruments, eyeglasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.


Technical parameters:

Parameters / Model:TOL-FCS-10 TOL-FCS-20

Laser output power:10W-20W

Laser wavelength:1064nm-1064nm

M2 beam quality≤1.1-≤1.2

Q-switched laser frequency:20kHz ~ 100kHz  20kHz ~ 100kHz

Standard label range:110mm × 110mm 110mm × 110mm

Optional label range:65mm × 65mm / 170mm × 170mm 65mm × 65mm / 170mm × 170mm

Depth markers:0.01mm-1mm 0.01mm-2mm

Total power:400W-500W

The minimum line width:0.01mm0.01mm

Repeatability± 0.001mm ± 0.001mm

Electricity demand:Single-phase AC 220V / 50Hz Single-phase AC 220V / 50Hz

Scan speed:12000mm / s 12000mm / s

Dimensions:620 × 1050 × 1400 620 × 1050 × 1400

Cooling System Air-cooled Air-cooled

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