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CO2 marker

CO2 marker

CO2 marker 疫苗标志打标
  • 型号CO2 marker
  • 品牌TOL
  • 价格面议


Equipment:MCF10 / 30/50/100-I1 / 2 CO2 laser marking machine adopts imported CO2 RF laser marking with high precision and speed, 24 hours of continuous work, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, can meet a variety of production lines and flying marking and so on.Flying marking seven characteristics:An intelligent and energy     1, TMC marking embedded control systems    With respect to the use of PC-based control system marking machine, TMC 10.2 '' touch screen is not the total power consumption    At 13W, and 300W power consumption of general use PC control over.     2, intelligent fan cooling system    Real-time monitoring of laser temperature, fan speed regulation, significantly reducing fan noise, lower power consumption,    Extend fan life.     3, the system quickly update feature    Providing a key operation to complete system-wide program updates, effectively avoid the windows system instability   Scheduled maintenance problems caused by the update problem.Second, the accuracy and stability     One, two marking control mode        External triggering and real-time response does not leak marking uninterrupted play     2, making higher-order entities DSP card marking 10 microseconds RTLS        Protection marking speed and precision to achieve the bestThird, professional flight     1, marking Looking feature        Marking the arrival direction for marking objects, advanced marking range hit.     2, intelligent flight environment settings        Intelligent fool marking set of environmental parameters, convenient marker erected.     3, the entity bitmap fonts        Support flight marking bitmap fonts, and ensure consistent character of each word position.     4, support continuous trigger marking        On the assembly line at the same time remember that 16 marking the location of objects, avoid leakage to play.Fourth, equipped with ultra-high-speed digital galvanometer, strong anti-jamming capability, high-speed flight marking.Five, all imports of lasers, long service life, once inflated can work 20,000 hoursSix, low overall power consumption, maintenance-freeSeven, high energy conversion efficiency, good beam quality. Application areas:For food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, card, packaging production date and other relevant information online play yards. Technical parameters: 


Parameters / Model


Laser output power


Laser wavelength


M2 beam quality


Standard label range


Optional label range


Total power


The minimum line width




Electricity demand


The maximum line speed

100m/min /150m/min /200m/min/300m/min

Scan speed




Cooling System

Air / air / air / air / water

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