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YAG3015-500/750 疫苗标志打标
  • 型号YAG3015-500/750
  • 品牌TOLlaser
  • 价格面议



TOL-YAG3015 type of large format metal laser cutting machine is a set of optical, mechanical, electrical integration of laser processing equipment, which uses high-power solid-state laser technology, computer control technology and precision mechanical system stability, high accuracy for various materials intelligent cutting. The company independently design gantry CNC machine tool system, using high-strength welded body, after stress relief annealing, with good rigidity and stability; using precision ball screws and linear guides drive, high running accuracy and speed.


1, the use of advanced YAG solid-state lasers, optical mode is good, stable performance, good quality kerf, small deformation, the appearance of smooth, beautiful;

2, the cutting speed, high precision, low cost, safe operation;

3, using professional laser software free to design a variety of graphics or text instant processing, processing flexible, simple, convenient, can be processed within cut any graphics format;

4, cut just blowing compressed air can achieve the perfect cutting results, saving auxiliary gas costs.

Application areas:

For carbon steel, stainless steel cutting, cold rolled plate, silicon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, silver, copper, titanium and other metal plates and pipes. Widely used in sheet metal, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, metal products, advertising, metal crafts, decorating, medical, mechanical parts, electrical meter parts, saw blades, glasses, spring leaves and other industries.

Technical parameters:

Parameters / Model   TOL-YAG3015-500    TOL-YAG3015-600

Laser media    Nd: YAG   Nd: YAG

The maximum laser power   500W   7500W

Cutting range (length × width)   3000mm × 1500mm   3000mm × 1500mm

Maximum positioning speed  20m / min   30m / min

Maximum cutting speed   3m / min   4m / min

Repeat accuracy   ± 0.02mm   ± 0.02mm

Cooling   Water-cooled   Water-cooled

Pulse repetition frequency   0-300Hz   0-300Hz

The minimum line width   0.15mm   0.15mm

Cutting material thickness   0.2-8mm (steel)   0.2-10mm (steel)

Laser wavelength  1064nm  1064nm

Overall power consumption  ≤18KW  ≤20KW

Power Configuration   Phase four-wire 380V / ± 10% / 50Hz    Phase four-wire 380V / ± 10% / 50Hz

Continuous working time   24 hours  24 hours

Weight   About 3500kg   About 4000kg

Dimensions (L × W × H)  4500mm × 2500mm × 1500mm   4500mm × 2500mm × 1500mm

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