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GF3015-400/500/1000 疫苗标志打标
  • 型号GF3015-400/500/1000
  • 品牌TOLlaser
  • 价格面议


GF3015-400 / 500/1000 series fiber laser cutting machine adopts imported laser, combined with the company independent design gantry CNC machine tool system, using high strength welded machine, after stress relief annealing, with good rigidity and stability. Imported gear rack bilateral drive, high running accuracy, speed is more than five times the normal cutting machine tools. Fiber lasers with high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rate, maintenance-free, reliable, low running costs and small series of advantages,Product Features:1, imported fiber laser, stable performance, good beam quality, quality assurance process;2, fully enclosed optical design and thermostatic cooling system work more effectively guarantee the stability of the laser;3, using imported AC servo motor and drive system, ensure high-precision equipment, high-speed and stable operation;4, equipped with advanced cutting head control technology, automatic fault alarm protection, fast response, easy replacement of wearing parts, cutting more perfect;5, has a unique perforated gas control technology to ensure the cutting process slabs;6 bed gantry-type structure, the overall heat treatment after welding, stable operation;7, simple operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, high cost;8, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 30%, no laser working gas, can save a lot of laser maintenance and operating costs; optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens, without having to adjust the optical path.Application areas:For carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, silver, copper, titanium and other metal sheet, pipe and some cutting non-metallic materials. Widely used in sheet metal, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, metal products, advertising, metal crafts, decorating, medical, mechanical parts, electrical meter parts, saw blades, glasses, spring leaves and other industries.

Technical parameters:

Parameters / Model        TOL-GF3015-500         TOL-GF3015-1000Laser media                  Optical fiber                 Optical fiberMaximum cutting range    3000mm × 1500mm     3000mm × 1500mmMaximum positioning speed   80m / min             100m / minMaximum cutting speed     20m / min         30m / minRepeat accuracy    ± 0.02mm              ± 0.02mmCooling     Water-cooled              Water-cooledLaser wavelength        1064nm         1064nmLaser output power          500W           1000WThe minimum line width      ≤0.12mm         ≤0.12mmCutting material thickness      0.2-5mm     0.2-10mmDrive mode   Imported servo motor    Imported servo motorTransmission     Imported gear rack            Imported gear rackOverall power consumption    ≤6KW    ≤15KWPower Configuration   380V / 50Hz    380V / 50HzContinuous working time   24 hours    24 hoursWeight   About 4000kg    About 5000kgDimensions (L × W × H)    4300mm × 2300mm × 1800mm     4300mm × 2800mm × 1800mm

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