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Metal laser marking machine has great room for development in the future

Metal laser marking machine is a laser beam at the surface of a variety of materials marked with a permanent marker. Marking effect is exposed underlying material surface material by evaporation, or by light energy cause chemical and physical surface material becomes "carved" out of the traces, or by burning part of the light material, showing the required etching graphics, text.

Metal laser marking machine which uses a laser beam to a specific part of the removal of the metal material, in order to achieve the effect you want to achieve or logo. Metal engraving applications, the laser beam is used as carving chisel, the chisel away excess metal material.

Metal laser marking machine can be divided into the semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is suitable for any metal materials, stainless steel metal products production areas introduced laser marking technology has greatly changed the work environment, greatly improving the work efficiency, not only saves manpower resources, but also saves a lot of time and identity on the conventional products, generally only 2-5 seconds, if the use of line marking darts, the speed is quite fast up. And break through the traditional process can not be done from an environmental perspective.

So, from a market perspective, metal laser marking machine equipment on the market has a huge value, it is widely used to bring to market reforms and break through the bottleneck of the whole industry, saving manpower, improve efficiency, and there is no corrosion process , green production, from an economic perspective, metal laser marking machine in 06-08 year phase metal laser marking machine price between 25-30 million, or more than three years after improving technology to reduce costs, market competition and so on all aspects of laser marking machine prices fell 12-15 million and therefore metal laser marking machine for the price of medium and small enterprises to adapt to accept, and to meet the needs of the majority of enterprises in terms of performance, as well as metal laser marking machine future market has great space.

Laser engraving on metal mechanical aspects of the more traditional metal sculpture has many advantages:

1, no contact with the workpiece laser engraving carved, thus eliminating many fixtures and tool and the workpiece does not produce stress after marking to ensure accuracy of the original workpiece.

2, on the work surface does not produce corrosion, no "tool" worn, non-toxic, non-polluting.

3, high-precision laser engraving characteristics, particularly for complex graphics processing.

4, marked not the environment (touch, acidic and reducing gas, heat, cold, etc.) and faded, with high security nature.

5, non-contact: Laser marking is a non-mechanical "knife" for processing, may at any regular or irregular surface of the print mark.

6, low running costs: marking speed and marked a molding, low energy consumption, and therefore lower operating costs. Although laser marking machine for large investment in equipment than traditional marking equipment, but operating costs, the use of laser marking confidential much lower.

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