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Automotive Laser Welding: new technology to protect the design and planning

We have been saying that imitation is the stage must learn and experience Chinese independent auto industry development process, so we can easily see the shadow of mature models on the international independent brand models in the early industrial development of independent businesses. Similar in appearance, we can call it a cottage, a similar internal structure we are called reverse development. Obviously, after more than ten years of development, independent brand vehicles in the appearance of progress has been greatly improved, the vast majority of its own brand new car designs have become very good, did not lose a joint venture brand models. In addition to the cottage on the phenomenon of the appearance of several brands still in its infancy, there is now has basically put an end to its own brand in the interior. However, the independent brand has been lacking core competitiveness still needs more time to precipitation, so look at the inner surface of the peel will find a way to reverse the development of vehicle platforms are still widely present in the current independent brand camp.

What is a reverse development. Simply put, it is the mature models dismantling, then cloud scanning to obtain parts of the external data through point, and then re-create the three-dimensional parts according to the scan data obtained surface data, then this data through a model of the design process. Of course, the reverse is not totally used to develop, for the automobile companies, the core technology is a platform technology, so the focus is also reverse development platform focused on parts of the vehicle, including the floor, the vehicle hard spot, structure, etc. section. With these basic data as a base to develop a beautiful appearance is basically belong to a piece of cake.

I do not want to list them all, so the mind has several classic brand models developed reverse image we carefully look at the list, then you can also find that these adverse development from basic models are in Japan and South Korea as the substrate by development, and adoption of the European vehicle platform technologies are basically independent brand through technology acquisitions, reverse very few come true. We can not help but see here may have such doubts, not to say that the European car platform technology must do more advanced, while a while a modular aluminum structure. Since they are the reverse, why independent companies in the development of vehicle platforms select reverse when it does not start from the starting point? And why reverse development through its own brand will invariably choose Japan and South Korea? This problem is related to the automotive industry is currently designing two different concepts, or to accommodate process is by design through the process to ensure the design.

European car design philosophy is to ensure that through process design, once the design can not achieve the target, then the new technology through the launch of new equipment to meet. This is one of the most typical example is the widespread use of European car laser welding technology, laser welding technology and the difference between spot welding technology is cable connection and the point difference, in theory, be more advanced laser welding technology, but on the whole in terms of the structural strength of the car, and laser welding technology will not necessarily have much advantage. However laser welding technology has able to avoid a lot of problems torch welding process spatial position in the welding process, but also eliminates the spot welding process, weld design and other issues, in other words, using laser welding technology allows modeling more creative space.

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