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How to identify whether laser marking machine by signal interference

How to identify whether laser marking machine by signal interference, it is worth getting a laser marking machine operations are attention problems, more master laser marking machine operating specifications, in order to produce more and better products.


Failure: The computer is set straight, playing out of the waves.


Description: The system can determine the galvanometer is no problem, for a new computer D / A converter card does not work, galvanometer and optical bench is fully insulated. D / A card to the galvanometer data line is not a problem, but the lines are set to break out of wavy lines.


Analysis: break out the case of waves more than previously encountered, but the most common cause signal interference, the interference signal amplitude mirror main factors acousto-optical drive laser power, the role of outside interference power fluctuations on the galvanometer search from the source. If you can not try to open the laser power driver when scanned with a light indicating whether the lines presented linear wavy lines. In the case of determining the preceding steps do not interfere, the first pneumatic laser power, see if there is a wave phenomenon. Then the output power of the laser power is gradually increased, observe describe out lines. Finally, the sound of the starter drive is to observe the wave phenomenon in which step it is possible to determine the basic interference from which part. After identify the source of interference, again trying to solve the interference approach.


The main factors that signal interference power laser light and sound drivers, source power fluctuations outside interference effect on the search from the galvanometer. Not open the laser power driver when scanned with a light indicating whether the presentation of the lines wavy lines is linear. In the computer equipment in a straight line, but it is playing out wavy lines, this is the most obvious feature of signal interference!


Resolved laser marking machine signal interference problems, from the following aspects:


1, the use of shielded cables outside interference mitigation for their, or their own (power line) outside interference.


2, the installation of power filters, reducing AC interference devices.


3, try to increase the control lines and power lines (L, N), the interval between the motor drive line to avoid cross. Like when we are dealing with two dual-axis drive system in a unified drive chassis mounting position, a drive nameplate forward after another in the direction of, and in the structural arrangement of these leads as short as possible.


4, "a little ground" principle. The mains filter, the drive PE (ground) (drive and chassis floor insulation), and the direction of the control pulse PULSE- DIR- short pulse lead after the motor ground wire cable between the drive and the motor protective cover, drive shielded lines are connected to the grounding screw on the chassis wall and ask good contact.

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